edge [ej]
[ME egge < OE ecg, akin to ON egg, Ger ecke, corner < IE base * ak-, sharp: see ACID]
1. the thin, sharp, cutting part of a blade
2. the quality of being sharp or keen
3. the projecting ledge or brink, as of a cliff
4. the part farthest from the middle; line where something begins or ends; border, or part nearest the border; margin
5. the verge or brink, as of a condition
6. an intense, harsh, or irritable quality [his voice had a distinct edge]
7. Geom. a line or line segment at which two plane surfaces meet
8. Informal advantage [you have an edge on me]
9. Informal the quality of being EDGY (sense 4)
edged, edging
a) to form or put an edge on; provide an edge for
b) to trim the edge of
2. to make (one's way) sideways, as through a crowd
3. to move gradually or cautiously
4. Informal to defeat in a contest by a narrow margin: often with out
5. Skiing to tilt (a ski) so that one edge bites into the snow, as in traversing a slope
1. to move sideways
2. to move gradually or cautiously [to edge away from danger]
on edge
1. so tense or nervous as to be easily upset; irritable
2. eager; impatient
set someone's teeth on edge
1. to give a sensation of tingling discomfort, as the sound of a fingernail scraped on a slate does
2. to irritate; provoke
take the edge off
to dull the intensity, force, or pleasure of

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